East Boldre Oral History Project

EBOH is gathering and collating memories and social history from residents of the parish of East Boldre, who were born and brought up in the village. This research will explore how the village has changed, from its origin as a squatter’s settlement to the present day. 

Project aims:

  • Record memories and tales of an East Boldre as it was.
  • Install a sense of community and pride – giving a voice to the families who have lived there for generations who feel marginalised by fast changing community.
  • Capture memories before they are lost.
  • Re-install a sense of community that once existed.
  • Help people who move/stay in East Boldre recognise its history and character.
  • Encourage people to share time together to talk about heritage.
  • Celebrate Gypsy Traveller and Commoning heritage.


EBOH will record and transcribe memories from residents and create interpretation linking the village together forming a community thread.  Interpretation will be sited in the adopted BT kiosks in the village, as well as the School Fields Trust Hall and Village Hall. The interpretation will include QR codes which link to a sound cloud where audio recordings will be available.  A listening station will also be sited in the Village Hall, where people can put on earphones and listen to the oral history recordings.  Soundbites of these recordings are now available to listen to on SoundCloud